Terms of use

Ihanaranta 1 and 2 terms of use

Both partied are bound by these terms of use when client has made a reservation through Ihanaranta marketing. The one making the reservation must be at least 18 years old.

Reservation and payment
The reservation is binding from the moment of reservation. A confirmation of reservation is sent to customer which includes the name of the holiday resort, address, instructions where the key can be acquired and driving instructions to the site. Bills for reservation and rent payment are sent with the confirmation of reservation. Reservation payment is 15% of the resort’s rent price (minimum of 50 €). Due date of the bill is 9 days from the date of bill. The customer can also make the reservation payment and end payment at the same time. The end payment must be performed not later than month before beginning of the reservation. If the end payment is not performed by the due date, the reservation is cancelled. In this occation the reservation payment stays with Ihanaranta. If the reservation is made later than month before beginning of reservation, the reservation payment is not collected on it’s own, but the whole rent payment is payed as whole.

Saapuessaan lomakohteeseen asiakkaan on pyydettäessä esitettävä kuitti suoritetusta maksusta. Ihanaranta vastaa siitä, että asiakas saa sopimuksen mukaiset majoituspalvelut. Lomakohteessa asiakas voi sopia muistakin palveluista, jotka hän maksaa suoraan lomakohteeseen.

Canceling the reservation

Canceling of the reservation always needs to be made to Ihanaranta email info@ihanaranta.fi. The cancelation is made at the moment when the information has reached Ihanaranta marketing. The canceling price is 15% of the renting price (minimum of 50€).

If the canceling is made later than 21 days before beginning of vacation the whole rent is charged. In case if Ihanaranta is able to rent the accommodation to another client, the rent is returned depending of the rent gotten from another client. Beforehand made booking payment is not returned. The client has the right to have his/her payment made to Ihanaranta back except for booking payment, if the cancelation is resulting from sudden illness, serious accident or death of the client. The incident mentioned behind has to be able to prove in a trustworthy way. The information about the cancelation has to be made  without delay. The payment made by customer except of the booking payment, is returned in return of written report. If the cancelation is made during the vacation, the payment made by customer is not returned and we recommend taking an insurance. If the customer changes the accommodation or time of the vacation, that is treated as cancelation of previous booking and new reservation.

Ihanaranta’s right to cancel the reservation
If overwhelming obstacle occurs (force majoure), holiday resort owner related reasons (for example owner changing), the holiday resort owned can cancel the agreement through Ihanaranta marketing. In this situation Ihanaranta have to inform the customer about the cancelling as soon as possible. Therefore the customer has a right to get a full refund of money payed.

If the payment of reservation is not payed in time, Ihanaranta has the right to cancel the reservation.

Key acquisition, staying in the holiday resort and cleaning
The keys of the holiday resort (usually 2 keys) are acquired by client from Ihanaranta key point. More detailed instructions is sent to customer with the bill and reservation confirmation. The keys are returned to the locked mailbox of the key point by 12 am of leaving day.

The holiday resort is in customer’s use starting from 16.00 of the arriving day and it is handed over until 12.00 am of the leaving day.
Cleaning of the resort during the holiday is made by the resident him/herself. Ihanaranta is always rented with the final cleaning, witch is included in the rent.

Even though final cleaning is made by Ihanaranta staff, the resort is expected to be in normal condition. This means the furniture and other equipment (tv, radio and so on) are in their places and intact, trash cans empty and other possible mess cleaned up. Also the yard has to be clean. If in the end of reservation the tidiness of the resort is not in line with the things before and they are needed to put in shape before next client, 50 €/hour charge is made for every hour used to cleaning.

Extra fee is also made for linen (is not included in renting price) 11 €/set. Missing key is charged for a fee equivalent of the cost of lock changing. Opening the door between 8-18 has a cost of 25 € and other times 50 €.
The rent is included with the furniture, kitched and eating equipment, and wood for fireplace and grill. Mattresses, blankets and pillows are included in renting price.
The customer brings the linen for pillow, blanket and bed. Also towels and tissues are brought by customer.

Refunding the damage
The customer is answerable for the furniture and other equipment in the time of renting. The customer is obliged to make up for the damage done to the resort or equipment straight to the owned of the resort.

Smoking, pets, electric cuts and quiet times in the area
Smoking is forbidden in every inside area of the resort and also allowed outside only with safety issues in mind. Used cigarettes must always be put out and thrown to the ashtreys pointed to them. Unauthorized inside smoking is charged with 150 € airing fee and the cleaning of used cigarettes in yard area is charged with 50 € hourly fee.

Unfortunately pets are not allowed in Ihanaranta.
Ihanaranta does not answer for allergy or other problems to client caused by unauthorized smoking and animal grit. Ihanaranta is not in charge of damage which is caused by overwhelming obstacle or other reason which cannot be imagined beforehand which could not be stopped even with careful actions, like electric cuts.

The quiet time in the area is between 22-07 o’clock
Ihanaranta and it’s certified maintenance and resort inspection crew has so called right of the host. If the people staying in the resort are distracting the neighbours and the situation is not fixed after warnings, the right of the host can be used and the renting agreement can be cancelled immediately. In this situation the renting price is not returned to customer.

Number of persons
The holiday resort must not be used by more person than there are beds in the resort. Extra person must always be agreed beforehand with Ihanaranta.
If there has been more persons staying in the resort than agreed beforehand, Ihanaranta has a right to charge an extra fee from this.

The usage of a mobile home and caravan is forbidden in the property without permission of the owner.

Possible reclamation
All reclamations and notices related to the equipment and condition of the resort has to be made immediately when appeared. During the stay the straight number to service is +358400 840 392.

If the issue is not fixed the client can make a written complainment to Ihanaranta. This has to be made at least a month after the ending of the rent. If client and Ihanaranta / owner of the resort cannot come to understanding, the client can proceed to cause to the customer complaint board.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Ihanaranta
If during your stay you have any wishes related to equipment or condition of the resort, contact Ihanaranta marketing phone number +358503636656. Don’t let your holiday get ruined by some small detail or lacking which we can fix in a short notice.

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