National Park of Isojärvi

National Park of Isojärvi is located in Längelmäki. You get there most conveniently from Ihanaranta with your own car or motorcycle by a beautiful countryroad via village of Västilä to Länkipohja and then to Isojärvi (part of this latest route is cravel). You can leave your vehicle to a parking area of Heretty logcottage. From there you can find several guided hiking routes in old woods and breathtaking forested ponds and lakes with marked fireplaces.

Iso-Vuorijärvi hiking area

Iso-Vuorijärvi hiking area is located about 15 km’s from Orivesi center, via route 66 (heading towards Ruovesi) and then few km’s by a cravel road. Only 500 m’s from the parking area lies special sight, huge rocks that are hanging above a beautiful lake in the forest with a fireplace beneath them. There is no settlement in that area so you can feel the pure, finnish nature and calmness in there. During wintertime the cravel road is not always cleaned from the snow, so then it can be difficult to go there with children.

Pukala – Taste the wilderness

Pukala is a refreshing, large and scenic outdoor area in Orivesi. There is marked paths and fireplaces and the closeness of the forest lakes.

Siikaneva swamp sanctuary

Siikaneva swamp sanctuary is located at Ruovesi – the neighbor of Orivesi. It’s a mix of ombrotrophic raised and minerotrophic bogs, old forest islets and variegated birdlife. As a day trip a rare thing to experience.

Scenery of the lake Längelmävesi

Ihanaranta marketing helps you to make your holiday dreams come true. Fancy a romantic boat trip to some beautiful riverscenes or take a journey via local boat routes at the lake Längelmävesi? Or would you like to have a ultralight planeflight around local areas? Would it be nice to explore the vicinity´s, even rare sights for example by geocaching them? Let us know your wishes and we help you to find the right persons to make them true. Orivesi and it´s closest milieu offers lots of sporty and cultural experiences. Have fun during your scenic vacation!

Art Center Purnu

Almost in the neighbour of Ihanaranta there is an art center in a scenic place, called Purnu. It’s annually chancing art exhibitions are possible to visit during summer and autumn. You can also experience the chimneyless sauna in there. Rönni is a traditional entertainment center in the middle of the beautiful lake/countryside. It’s legendary dance hall offers you live dance music every weekend and wednesdays during the whole summertime. There is also a nice restaurant where you can stop and eat for example during your boat trip, because of it’s quest harbour. There you can also fill your gasoline tanks, boat’s/jet’s or car’s/motosbike’s. It’s only 5 km’s from Ihanaranta by road, but with boat/jet it takes only few minutes.



Geocaching is a funny way to familiarize with local sights and places. Also children like to go geocaching, so it offers a meaningful entertainment for the whole family.


Close to Ihanaranta you can enjoy an experience of a rivertrip that leads you through old scenes of Kaivanta – river to Laasojärvi and from there through other river to Aurikkojärvi, where you can see a breathtaking rocks of Aurikko. They tower straight from the lake to dozens of meters high. From Aurikkojärvi the trip continues to beautiful scenes of Oinasniemi and Putaankoski. You can also get a supervised canoe trips to groups in these areas. Feel free to ask help from Ihanaranta marketing in any questions.

Center of Orivesi

It takes only about 15 minutes car ride to Orivesi center from Ihanaranta. Orivesi offers you all the basic services in a compact size. Sporty services includes for example swimminghall, indoor ice rink, sport center (inside and outside) and inclusive amount of luminous crosscountry skiing routes. There are also several horseriding stables in local areas. Ihanaranta marketing gladly helps you to find the right places to enjoy your sporty holiday, if needed.


At the center of Orivesi there is 3 bigger groceries; S-Market (including also liquor store and pharmacy), K-Supermarket and Lidl. Closest to Ihanaranta is Siwa, a little foodstore located near the Orivesi railway station or on the other direction (away from Orivesi city), a little countryside grocery called Sale Eräjärvi. If you want to have a pleasant grocery trip with a boat and have a feeling of an islander life at the same time, you can go to Sale Länkipohja. The scenery is very beautiful in that lake route. Feel free to ask advice from Ihanaranta marketing in any questions.

Do you want to have both muscle and mind relaxing during your stay at Ihanaranta?

It is possible to order a sport masseur to Ihanaranta. You can have either classical massage or sport massage, hot stone massage and also kinesiotaping.

Activities with horses

Less than 10 km’s from Ihanaranta you can enjoy a nice day with friendly horses with your family. Ihanaranta marketing helps you to build up a day suitable for your needs. You can either spend some time with horses and take a walk with them or ride them either at equestrian field or at a beautiful countryside / nature. It is also possible to take children to spend some time with other domestic animals than horses/ponies near Ihanaranta.

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